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Posters designed by Doree Bardes. Photography by Barbara Kawon.

The first episode is now available for viewing on YouTube and on the
VBCtv.com network!
Stardate 08.07.12
Principal photography for this web series began in September 2011.  Writer/Director Carl Worner wanted to shoot it like a feature film,  getting all the video footage in the can first, then editing them into short episodes rather than shooting & editing a new episode every week. The majority of interior scenes were shot during the winter months at various locations mostly in New Jersey.


Inspired by the Flash Gordon sci-fi film serial which was shown in short installments in movie theaters in 1936  and then eventually on TV,  the idea of presenting  short episodes with a cliffhanger appealed to the director.  There are at least 14 episodes scheduled for viewing, but that number may change since there are additional scenes still being shot which were not in the original outline or in the script. More characters were added and the writer/director wanted to keep up with current events, especially regarding the space program.

A Synaptic Interjection Neural Interface Re-sequencer.

Function unknown

Special props for the series were created by Mike Warholak of Oddity Forge.










The idea for the series came from 2 scripts writer Carl Worner had been working on. The first, a screenplay about some alien women from another planet who come to Earth in search of a few good men because the men on their planet could no longer function sexually. The other, a stage play about the horrors of internet dating. Carl decided to combine the two scripts and produce and direct it as a web series.  The series makes references to many famous sci-fi movies & TV shows.

Casting for the series began in the summer of 2011 in New York & New Jersey.  Carl hired Director of Photography Rob Salvadore, who also was a musician & songwriter. Professional character actor Martin Pfefferkorn was asked to help develop ideas for the script and to help co-direct some of the episodes. Some characters in the the script were written for specific actors that Carl had worked with in the past.

Carl’s interest in filmmaking began while he was in Jr. High School in Livingston, New Jersey in the early 70′s.  Many of his early shorts were shot on Super 8, then eventually on Super 8 sound. While working as a professional actor in the 1977 Broadway revival of Hair, Carl shot a behind the scenes documentary of the show, interviewing actors and also shooting on stage as one of the characters he played during a live performance.



More info to come…

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